Eco_friendly_plastic_framed_mirror_wall_mirrorAN OVAL FACE, which baldness makes almost round; a high forehead; ocean-green eyes, contracted through long hours of lamp-light reading; wrinkles carved by expressiveness; reflective mouth, prominent nose, noble countenance. What life, what love and pain and experience are revealed through those features? Is it a mask, or a lamp, expanding the soul’s rays? The mirror made of rock is too solid, too static, to tell. We need a different kind of reflection: the eyes of another human being. Tell me what I am; look at me, not only with your physical vision, but with the comprehension of your heart. Lips that smiled and were pursed; lines traced by laughter and sorrow; eyes twinkling by joy or glaring in anger: penetrate beyond the surface, the ambivalence, the ebb and flow of qualities. Green eyes, deep and minute fountains: can you sense the tears shed in compassion, the moments transfixed in beauty, the contemplation of truth? Shimmering through this face there is a light not altered by age, mood or expression: can you mirror the meaning of these signs?